Alice still keeping her house spotless at the age of 103

Alice recently celebrated her 103rd birthday.Alice recently celebrated her 103rd birthday.
Alice recently celebrated her 103rd birthday.
The centre of attention in a house full of smiles was a Northumberland woman celebrating her 103rd birthday.

Born in March 1919 in Broomhill, Alice began working as a domestic and general maid in Ulgham Vicarage at the age of 18. She enjoyed this work, taking great pride in keeping the vicarage clean and tidy.

Alice – who married her late husband in 1941 and raised six children, three boys and three girls, with him – always took pride in looking after her family, working hard to ensure her house was kept in order.

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She certainly does not let age get in her way, having always been proud of working hard and doing things properly.

She still enjoys doing just that and takes just as much pride as ever in ensuring her house is spotless, in line with the standards she worked to at Ulgham Vicarage earlier in her life.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Alice was actively involved in the local community, cooking delicious Sunday lunches for friends and neighbours.

When asked what her secret is to living such a long life, she said: “People tell me that I must be made of strong stuff, so I think they might be right.

“I also cycled everywhere, which must have kept me fit.”

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When she is not busy with housework, Alice loves to read, often reading for several hours a night. She also likes to stay up-to-date with current affairs and goings on in the local community, reading magazines and newspapers every week.

Alice enjoys regular visits from Home Instead Care Professionals, who visit throughout the week to lend a hand with ensuring her home is maintained to her high standards.

To celebrate her birthday, Home Instead brought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up her living room, as well as a card signed by everybody who visits her, and a birthday balloon.

A Home Instead spokesman said: “Alice has a wonderful positive spirit and sense of humour, and she is very much in control of being her own person.

“She is an amazing woman – she is so thorough in everything she does.”

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