A creative new venture in town

A Morpeth resident has finally been able to set-up sewing workshops in town – but this is now only part of the story.

By Andrew Coulson
Friday, 4th June 2021, 8:37 pm
Updated Friday, 4th June 2021, 8:38 pm
Natasha Sligo, left, and Kerrie Patterson. Picture by Emma Solomon Photography.
Natasha Sligo, left, and Kerrie Patterson. Picture by Emma Solomon Photography.

As we reported last year, Natasha Sligo was looking to find a place where she could deliver classes to give people in the area the chance to learn some useful skills.

She had booked a room at the Black and Grey in Newgate Street last autumn, but new Covid-19 restrictions meant those workshops did not go ahead.

However, linking up with Christi Scott who runs Piper Rose Designs (clothing, accessories, gifts and custom creations) and Kerrie Patterson, founder of Vintage Vamped (upholstery and upcycling) has led to a new venture at 28a Bridge Street.

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There are four businesses that come under The Creative Hub brand. Joining Piper Rose Designs and Vintage Vamped are Sewing the Seams of Love run by Natasha and Emma Bunting – founded by former Morpeth resident Emma Solomon, who has moved to Hertfordshire – which is now owned by Natasha and Kerrie.

Workshops started last month and they are now taking place on a regular basis.

Natasha said: “Things have happened quickly since early spring when I spoke with Christi one day on the school run and she said she was looking for space to do sewing for the children’s clothes part of her business.

“We viewed a couple of other places, but 28a Bridge Street was ideal as it’s in a great town centre location and there is plenty of space.

“The estate agent said ‘you are planning a right creative hub’ when showing us round and that stuck in our heads as a good name for the brand.

“Kerrie also came on board and we’re delighted with how it’s going so far. We think that we’re filling a gap in the market in Morpeth.

“We also have a lot of wall space and some of that is being used to display paintings (on canvas) by local artists.

“When I saw a post on social media that Emma was looking to sell her Emma Bunting business, I spoke with Kerrie and we both agreed it would be a good addition.

“The buying process went very smoothly. We had Zoom calls and then she came up north to hand over the bunting.”

Emma, who runs Emma Solomon Photography, said: “Emma Bunting was started in Morpeth back in 2004, so it was important to try to find someone or more than one person who would be passionate for the business and ideally from the local area.

“I’m delighted to say I’ve found such people in Natasha and Kerrie. They have a very strong skillset between them, so I feel they are the perfect partnership to take on the business.

“Although the past 14 months have been very difficult, there seems to be a positive outlook for the industry now and I hope that local residents will continue to support Emma Bunting.”

The Creative Hub is accessed via Old Gaol Yard. For more information and workshop bookings, go to www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/sewing-the-seams-of-love-31021161661 or ‘The creative hub morpeth’ Facebook page.