St George's Day parade in Alnwick.St George's Day parade in Alnwick.
St George's Day parade in Alnwick.

23 pictures as Fusiliers parade through Alnwick on St George's Day

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers celebrated St George’s Day with a special parade through Alnwick on Saturday.

The parade also mark the 54th anniversary of the regiment, which has a museum at Alnwick Castle.

Serving fusiliers from Fifth Fusiliers were joined by cadets and veterans on a parade from the castle to St Michael’s Church and then through the town centre.

Mayor Lynda Wearn said: “It was wonderful to see the town so full of people who gathered to watch the parade.

"The Fusiliers have long-standing historical connections with Alnwick and the town is very proud of that association and honoured to have had the parade in the town this year."

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers have two battalions – First Fusiliers in Tidworth and Fifth Fusiliers in Newcastle.

The regiment is well known for its distinctive red and white hackle which is worn by all ranks and was passed down by the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

The hackle was awarded in recognition for the defeat of the French at the Battle of St Lucia in 1778.

The white hackles were removed from the French dead by the Fusiliers.

In 1829 King William IV ordered the white plume to be worn by all line infantry regiments, but in order not to take away from the Fifth (Northumberland) Regiment of Foot’s battle honour, their plume was distinguished with a red tip.

Thanks to the RRF and Jane Coltman Photography for the pictures.

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