Pensioners come in from the cold

PENSIONERS living in a sheltered housing scheme have had their central heating fully restored after a boiler break-down and a spate of burst pipes.

The residents from Rodsley Court in Rothbury first reported problems to social landlord Homes for Northumberland on November 29.

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said: “There are two boilers at Rodsley Court, but only one was affected. This provides the heating for ten of the 21 flats.

“There was a fault with the boiler reported on November 29, then leaks occurred in three different pipes, on December 5 and 8. Council staff worked to fix each leak as it occurred, which involved digging holes outside to locate the leaks in underground pipes.

“The central heating was off for a period of two-to-three hours during the day on three days during this time. We managed to put a temporary patch on the affected pipe so that heating could be restored each night.

“All the residents have electric fan heaters in their flats as a back up.”

The issue was raised at this month’s meeting of Rothbury Parish Council, which said it would monitor the situation.