Pensioner tells of her flooding frustration

Flooding victim Irene McMullen in her Kinloss Court home.
Flooding victim Irene McMullen in her Kinloss Court home.

A pensioner has spoken of her frustration and despair after her home has flooded five times in as many months.

Eileen McMullen has admitted she cannot cope with another deluge and is desperate for the problem to be solved after water has poured into her home in Kinloss Court, Alnwick, on numerous occasions.

A number of her neighbours have also been hit by flooding.

However, Mrs McMullen’s home has been described as being in the ‘direct line’ of the rising waters and she has suffered badly as a result.

It is thought that a culvert which carries the Wash Burn is blocked. An investigation is ongoing but it is being dealt with as a ‘priority’.

But Mrs Mullen has said she has had enough and wants the saga to come to an end.

“I cannot sleep for thinking about it and I cannot cope with another flood,” said the great grandmother, who endured her most recent flood last week.

“I just want it sorted out as soon as possible. This is not good for my health.

“I have had to have my floor replaced three times.

“Last week, when the house flooded, it was just a mess. It was absolutely soaking.”

Mrs McMullen said the problems at Kinloss Court – which is part of the Johnnie Johnson Housing scheme – started after the flash flooding in June, and there have been problems ever since.

Jim Lunney, chief executive for Johnnie Johnson Housing, said: “The cause of the problem is a culverted drain or watercourse which is not ours.

“It runs through our land but it is not our culverted drain. It is the property of Northumberland County Council.

“We are anxious to get the problem resolved, not just from our own perspective but also for Mrs McMullen, who is our priority.

“We are working with the county council on their investigations.

“I understand that they have identified the problem and are going to expose the culvert and try to remove what ever it is that has blocked it.

“We are doing everything in our power to get the problem resolved and to give Mrs McMullen as much support as we can.

“Other residents there have been affected in the earlier flooding but unfortunately Mrs McMullen’s property is in the direct line of fire. ”

A county council spokeswoman said: “We have had some exceptional flooding conditions in Northumberland this year, producing many difficulties – some of which are quite complicated to resolve.

“The location of this underground watercourse was not shown on the council’s plans but is now known to run through a number of pieces of land in different ownerships.

“In the interests of trying to get a resolution for residents the council has been carrying out investigations to identify and subsequently resolve the problem.

“Some further work is required but we are dealing with this as a priority.”