Pedestrian-crossing plans to reduce village concerns

Rothbury war memorial
Rothbury war memorial

A pedestrian crossing could be on the cards in Rothbury after a report was published with eight different options.

Residents and the parish council have been calling for a safe crossing point in the village for years, with the favoured location near the war memorial to protect the structure.

Now, Northumberland County Council’s highways team has compiled a report on the best options for the village.

Of the eight put forward, three have been endorsed for consultation.

And of those, one has been backed by county councillor Steven Bridgett.

If it goes ahead that option would see a crossing outside the Newcastle House Hotel, to a traffic island and then across the road to High Street.

However rather than ending up in the road, where the current parking bays are, this would be changed to pavement and High Street changed to a one-way road.

It would mean the loss of parking outside the Otterburn Mill Shop and High Street would be narrower.

Coun Bridgett said: “I have endorsed this option as the local county councillor as it will provide us with a new crossing point, protect the war memorial and begin to alter the parking situation within Rothbury, hopefully for the better, which will tie in with the parish council’s parking proposals and ambitions.”

The options will go on display at the parish council’s open meeting on Saturday.

Members of the public will be able to view the plans and comment on them at the event in Rothbury’s Jubilee Hall from 1pm to 5pm.