Peace and justice pilgrims pass through the county

A group of pilgrims on a 750-mile march for peace and social justice passed through north Northumberland last week as they head south to the capital.

On Saturday, June 8, the trek made its way from Yetholm to Wooler, before heading across to Beal the following day.

On Monday, June 10, they followed the footsteps of many past pilgrims by crossing onto Holy Island.

Tuesday night saw them in Bamburgh before heading to Craster on the Wednesday and Alnwick last Thursday, where they stayed in St Michael’s Church Hall.

From Alnwick, they made their way to Rothbury before heading into the south-west of the county.

The 2013 Pilgrimage for Peace and Economic Justice, calling on the Government to abandon the renewal of Trident and prioritise instead vital frontline social services was launched on May 19 on Iona.

Andrew Greaves, coordinator of the pilgrimage, said: “The model for the Peace and Justice Pilgrimage is the way the Olympic Torch was relayed throughout the UK last summer.

“The aim is to focus attention on the Government’s proposal to spend up to £100billion renewing the Trident nuclear missile system, while slashing NHS, education and social welfare budgets, including vital support for some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities across the UK.

“In the context of the ongoing economic crisis, the pilgrimage’s journey from Iona to London is intended to be like lighting a series of beacons in the centres of spiritual and political power along the route.

“Along the way pilgrims will take part in ecumenical, inter-faith acts of witness expressing our commitment to a nuclear-free, more equitable future for all.”

At least one pilgrim is planning to walk all the way to London while many have signed up to walk shorter distances.