PCSOs to wear new uniform as of Tuesday

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) in Northumbria Police are due to be issued with a new uniform.

From Tuesday, PCSOs across the Force will be seen wearing blue shirts, replacing the current black shirts they wear.

The change will mean Northumbria Police’s PCSOs’ uniform will be in line with the PCSO national uniform.

The role of the PCSOs – described as a vital part of the Force – won’t change.

Chief Superintendent Ged Noble said: “We’re really proud of our police community support officers, they are a vital part of neighbourhood policing and play a huge role in building links with the local community.

“The new uniform, which is only a change in the colour of their shirt, will see them adopt the national uniform.

“Their role will not change and they will continue to offer the same great service.”