Paul heads up a hair-raising night

Paul Daniels
Paul Daniels

Hair Today ... Gone Tomorrow, Alnwick Playhouse, Tuesday, October 4, 7.30pm. Tickets: £16.50, £15.50 conc.

He may be best known for his magical talents, but Paul Daniels is a comic genius. Reporter HELEN MILLICHAMP catches up with the man who brought magic alive, prior to his Alnwick Playhouse appearance next week.

FRESH from the Edinburgh Fringe Paul Daniels never fails to entertain, even during a phone interview.

Paul Daniels is without doubt one of the most accomplished magicians in the world, and certainly one of the most exciting. Add to that a unique comedy style and you have a complete entertainer and one of the funniest men in show business.

He has entertained the Royal family including Prince William and Prince Harry, The Sultan of Brunei, John Major and many more.

And next week it’s Alnwick’s turn.

Having performed at the town’s Playhouse in 2009, to raucous applause and, of course, bellyfuls of laughter, Paul is back for more.

His new tour, which was tried, tested and given the thumbs up at the Edinburgh Fringe, proves to be as much as, if not more, of a hit.

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow is a myriad of music, comedy and of course, magic - the three things that Paul Daniels does best.

Accompanying the worldwide star will be the lovely Debbie McGee and Paul’s son Martin.

“This time its a lot more comedy,” he said.

“Martin has been the king of P&O cruises for the last 10 or 12 years and wanted some land time. So if you come and see the show and you see someone swaying from side to side, that’s him. He does a lot of the comedy side of it.

“But the show depends on what it’s like when we get to a venue.

“Debbie does a couple of tricks as well.

“The reason I like my job so much is that it allows me to see a wide range of performance areas and places.

“I enjoy small theatres, big theatres, I do after-dinner speeches and corporate productions.

“This year we have been to New Zealand, Australia, unbelievably Samoa, Fiji, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and now Alnwick.”

But his favourite part of the job is seeing the response from the audience.

“I had a very special guest in a show, I can’t tell you who he is,” he said.

“But he hasn’t been seen on television for years. He phoned me and said he was going to a Christmas piece and asked if he could do a few bits.

“So I produced him out of the box and the audience didn’t clap they were that stunned.

“That’s my favourite bit. You never know what is going to happen or what the audience is going to do.

“Last month I had my youngest heckler a 20-month-old, it was amazing, very funny.

“And I was up in Scotland and there were these two, how do I say it, fat, women sitting on the front row with about 10 kids and they were slagging each other off.

“It started from something I said so I tried to stop it but they made the audience roar with laughter.

“I love spontaneity.”

And he is looking forward to his second gig in Alnwick.

“When you look around Alnwick, you have to look above the shop signs and see everything, it is a beautiful place,” he said.

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