Pathways, A-boards, camping and crime

North Sunderland Parish Council had raised concerns about the unauthorised path at the rear of the new Italian restaurant, but was informed that the county council was not going to take enforcement action.

A letter explained that the rear door was part of the 2009 planning permission, but Coun Geoffrey Stewart said that it was meant to be kept locked.

Members also queried whether the lanowner, the Lord Crewe Trustees, were aware, although county Coun John Woodman explained that the trust was relaxed about access so long as the county council kept a record and no permanent rights were granted.

l There have been three incidents of criminal damge in the village in the past month, for which a male has been arrested and charged, and one theft with inquiries ongoing.

l It was reported that there had been a number of concerns raised about the number of A-boards outside businesses in the village centre, which are proving a real obstacle given how busy Seahouses is at the moment.

l Coun David Donaldson raised the need to repaint the ‘No overnight parking’ signs on St Aidan’s, saying that one motorhome had been parked there for around three weeks.