Party leaves beach in mess

Emily Sale, aged 13, and Abbie Stoker, 10, with the rubbish they collected.
Emily Sale, aged 13, and Abbie Stoker, 10, with the rubbish they collected.

Visitors to north Northumberland were astounded to find a beach littered with rubbish after a party.

A family from Newcastle were staying at Sugar Sands when they woke to find the area littered with empty beer cans, bottles, rubbish and containers.

Carol Chambers and her family were camping in the area on Saturday, May 11, when they found that a group of youngsters were having a party on the beach.

She said her daughter, Emily Sale, 13, and her cousin Abbie Stoker, 10, spent the morning cleaning up in their pyjamas on the Sunday.

She said: “They were upset as they go to Sugar Sands a lot and leave it just the way they find it.

“As Emily’s mother, I was shocked that some of these children were so drunk and around 16 years old.

“We found an iPhone and numerous items of clothing including one sand shoe.

“More disturbing was around the cove, which must have been the area for sex as lots of used condoms were in the sand.

“All I want to say is please let the locals know that it’s their very own local kids trashing the beach, causing us who camped on the beach to be seen as the ones leaving mess when we appreciate the beauty of Sugar Sands and always respect it.”

Farmer James Forsyth, whose land leads to Sugar Sands, said: “People need to realise that this is not a public beach.

“We have no council workers coming down to do a clean-up operation, which is why any rubbish down there just gets left and only gets picked up by myself or any other decent member of the community.

“I would ask anybody who is down there to pick up after themselves.

“I was aware that there was a party going on that night when I saw lots of kids coming up the road.

“I was told about the mess left there, but I was also told that the youngsters were going to go back to pick it up.

“There are also big signs saying no camping down there, but people don’t take any notice.”

Police were informed about the party.