Partners go green

Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth

A GREEN partnership in Alnwick is set to ensure that residents have all the information they need to recycle household waste effectively.

Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth, Alnwick Town Council and Northumberland County Council have been working together to increase recycling, including the supply of new information stickers on all recycling bins.

The stickers are being funded by Alnwick Town Council and put on bins by Friends of the Earth volunteers.

David Farrar, from the Alnwick group, said: “One of the best ways of increasing recycling rates from households is to make sure residents have the up-to-date information in front of them. These stickers will let them check that they are putting the right materials in the right bin.”

Coun Bill Grisdale, from the town council, added: “We are delighted to be working with Friends of the Earth and the county council on this project, and to fund the stickers. The cost, at around 10p per sticker, is small in relation to the benefits for the environment in the area and the county as a whole.”

Coun Ian Lindley, from the county council, said: “This is an example of partnership working at its best. Local community groups have identified exactly what is needed to meet local needs and they are making sure that it works effectively.”

Seven members of Friends of the Earth have been trained as master composters and are now looking to run sessions to offer advice to local people. For details email or ring 01665 605812.