Parliamentary candidate hits back at MP

Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Conservative parliamentary candidate, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, has hit back at Berwick-upon-Tweed MP Sir Alan Beith after she was criticised in the House of Commons.

Last night Sir Alan challenged Parliament over the prolonged fire at the former Swarland Brickworks site at Thrunton and lack of enforcement by the Environment Agency.

He also relayed an email from Anne-Marie which he said asked the Environment Agency to ‘go easy’ on Blackwater North East, the company responsible for the carpet which went up in smoke on September 3.

But Anne-Marie says she is ‘disappointed’ about ‘political point-scoring’.

She said: “Blackwater Ltd asked for my assistance with regard to delays in the approval of an end-of-waste licence application for the production of recycled carpet fuel briquettes and I liaised with Defra on that matter for the company.

“The company was storing waste carpet with a view to using it to produce a new fuel product from recycling carpet.

“Many of our local businesses need a loud, supportive voice to help them grow and create local jobs, and that is what I will be continuing to do.

“I was not involved in the separate issue of the licensing at the Thrunton works and the storage of waste carpets at the factory site where the fire took place.

“Correspondence from Defra indicates that this matter was being managed by the Environment Agency.The fire at the old Swarland Brick Works site has caused a lot of misery to local people, the owner of the site and to those employed at Blackwater Ltd. I am disappointed that our MP has chosen to play party politics with such a difficult situation.”

Beith challenges Parliament on Thrunton fire