PARKING: We are taking positive steps

It is entirely right that Amble residents and business want the county council's support to find a viable solution to the parking issues in their area, which are having a negative effect on their local economy and the sustainability of the town, (Northumberland Gazette, September 21).

The new Conservative administration at the county council is listening to these concerns, as well as those in other communities across the county, and I have already met with representatives of Amble Business Club and the development trust to understand first hand the parking issues they face.

We are committed to finding a solution to the parking problems in Amble and council officers have already been working closely with the local county councillors, the town council, business club, development trust and other key stakeholders to find a viable long-term solution.

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We are taking forward these options and expect to make significant progress on this over the coming months.

Ultimately, we want all our communities to prosper and have the right balance of sustainable parking for residents, visitors and businesses, and as new administration, I feel we are already taking positive steps to make that happen.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services

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