PARKING: Review short-stay plans

At last, there is possible action to tackle parking woes in Alnwick, (Northumberland Gazette, February 15).

However, have the proposed short-term measures been thought through?

Short-stay in the Greenwell Road area is commendable, but where are the workers that provide services to tourists to park?

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Already residential roads are choked to the point of danger.

Public transport is the cry.

Have you tried to access Saturday employment from, say Longhoughton? Buses will continue to be under-used if the timetables are impracticable.

As to reducing parking time to 30 minutes in the Costa area, it is not enough time for a coffee or light meal nearby, even without coping with children.

Also, I challenge anyone to get a prescription dispensed at the main branch of Boots in half-an-hour.

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With the welcome influx of visitors, we must accommodate them, but not at the expense of penalising residents.

Could Fenkle Street become a cul-de-sac providing parking?

Where are the occupants of the Maltings apartments supposed to put their vehicles?

Should plans for B&Bs and boutique hotels with little or no parking come under scrutiny?

These are just some of the problems to be addressed.

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows,


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