PARKING: Punished for actions of few

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Every week I travel to Newcastle/Gateshead for classes

On Thursday, at 8.35am, there were only two spaces in the car park at Alnmouth Station. Yet when I spoke to staff they said it had been a ‘very quiet’ morning, and there was certainly a great deal of space on the train.

It seems likely that the car parks were full of cars left by holidaymakers.

The solution would be for a free period of eight to 12 hours each day, which could accommodate workers, students and commuters who have to travel.

Number plate recognition could identify those who use the car park appropriately and those people who abuse the privilege. This could be financed by the resulting income.

As a result of the proposed charges, my travel costs will be increased by about 40 per cent. This may be the difference between using the train or driving to Gateshead.

I feel that I am being punished for the actions of more than a few thoughtless people.

I understand that some people feel they will not be able to continue their businesses if these charges are implemented.

Martyn Tuckwell,

Farriers Rise,