Parking officers going for ‘easy targets’

Seahouses centre
Seahouses centre
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Councillors in Seahouses criticised the new county council parking enforcement regime, with one saying that it is not working in the village.

And the plans for changing the tariff system as part of Northumberland County Council’s revamp didn’t go down well either due to the loss of a 30-minute option.

In April, the county council took over responsibility for parking enforcement in Northumberland and new officers have been out and about.

But members of North Sunderland Parish Council feel that they are going for ‘easy targets’ rather than dealing with the issue of problem parking in the village centre.

Coun Philip Brabban, the harbour master, reported that someone tried to ticket his car which was parked on private land at the harbour.

“They should be in Main Street,” he said. “Noth bothering residents on Harbour Road.”

Chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart said: “I don’t think this car parking thing is working.”

In the shake-up of tariffs for the county’s car parks, those parking in in Seahouses will lose the half-hour option.

At present, users can park for 30 minutes, one hour, three hours or all day.

Under the proposals, the car park would be under tariff T8 with options for one, two, three-hour or all-day parking.

The tariff is known as standard tourist and where demand is seasonal there is the possibility of free parking without a time limit between November and February.

Coun Stewart said: “No one’s going to pay £2 to go and get a paper. I think the half-hour should be retained.”

He also pointed out that three hours’ parking in Morpeth was far cheaper than in Seahouses.

The parish council is to respond to the consultation asking for a pricing structure, which had not been provided, and for the half-hour option to be retained.