PARKING: It's time to take a stand

I'd like to pass on my observations to car parkers in Alnwick.

The road leading up to Alnwick hospital, though it has double yellow, no parking lines, is constantly blocked with vehicles half on the road and half on the path.

Most of the time it is possible to squeeze through on foot, but at the moment what’s left of the path is covered with fallen branches/leaves.

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The council sweeper, of course, can’t get access because cars are parked there.

Some attempt to persuade offenders to move has largely been made by placing traffic bollards opposite the surgery, but the problem remains.

Anyone with a pram must move onto the road, a bit thoughtless of parkers.

I don’t know who is responsible for enforcing the ‘no parking’ regulations at an emergency hospital access road, but it’s time to take a stand.

Don’t shout, “I can’t get parked to visit my doctor/hospital appointment”. Get yourself in gear and arrive earlier, and don’t block a footpath.

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