Parking confusion as white lines on The Cobbles fade

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People hit with parking fines in Alnwick’s cobbled area have raised concerns about faded markings saying it is unclear which side is safe to park .

Residents who did not wish to be named have told the Gazette of their anger when they were slapped with tickets for parking in an area they thought was in the ‘disc zone’.

The cobbled area in front of the Salvation Army shop on Bondgate Within has a set of white lines which marks the difference between the disc zone and the double-yellow lines.

The white lines have recently faded and now people parking in the area may be given a ticket if they park over the lines.

When people are parking legally they are entitled to two hours free parking with a parking disk on display.

Some drivers in the area have said they are becoming increasingly concerned that Northumberland County Council, which enforces the regulations, is exploiting this issue instead of giving the benefit of the doubt.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued when a civil enforcement officer observes a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

“If a driver feels that a PCN has been issued incorrectly they can appeal against it by following the details explained on the reverse of the ticket.”

The spokesman said he was ‘unable to confirm’ when the lines were going to be repainted in town.

The parking in Alnwick town centre is free, but restricted, which changed as of last year.

On Northumberland County Council’s website, a town-centre parking map shows that the whole of Bondgate Within is a disc-parking zone with no mention of double-yellow lines on The Cobbles.

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