Parking concern

CONCERNS have been raised about parking by the War Memorial in Felton.

Mr Sleet, who attended the meeting, said cars are parking on the bend which is causing issues for traffic coming from Swarland.

Chairman Coun Tony Hood stated that parking has always been an issue and the council has been looking at alternatives. It was suggested no waiting signs be installed.

Clerk Lisa Hamlin is to arrange a meeting with Northumberland County Council to see what can be done about parking in this area.

There is also the ongoing issue of water accumulating there due to the bad drainage so this should also be raised with the county council.

Coun Barbara Dickson asked that the hedges be cut back along Riverside and the clerk will speak to the county tree officer.

HELP SOUGHT: Assistance has been sought in the ongoing issue with the Back Burn bridge repairs.

Mrs Scurfield asked if there was anything the parish council could do to help. The council heard that Dickinson Dees is stating that the bridge does not belong to Felton Park Estates.

Concern has been raised as there are now holes in the bridge and the bridge is being used by many people, not just Mill residents.

The county council removed the safety barriers while cutting back trees recently and there is also concern as to where the stones are that were removed by the county.

The clerk is to write to Sir Alan Beith MP, the county council, George F White, Dickinson Dees and Lady Talbot to try to get further action on this.

RECREATION PLANS: Proposals have been put forward for plans to develop land at Recreation Field.

Following Mrs Shutt’s letter last month, the clerk has contacted Natural England and a site visit is to be undertaken.

Mrs Shutt sent a letter stating that she felt that she had been patronised by the parish council and also humiliated in the press.

Councillors were supportive of her ideas so cannot understand her feelings about being patronised.

They added that as far as the press coverage was concerned, the parish council has no control over what is published.

The clerk is to respond to Mrs Shutt.

Coun Lisa Lawley said she tried to talk to the youth club members however the club has been closed over recent weeks.

Simon Debbage has confirmed that the youths are in support of Mrs Shutt’s proposals.

The question was also raised as to what is happening with the BMX track.

The clerk once again stated it is not a BMX track, funding has been received and a contractor is looking at this with Mr Beeby.

ALLOTMENT LEASE: A lease has now been signed for new allotments in Felton.

The gate is now unlocked and it is proposed that brambles and hedges be cut back in the first instance with a hedge cutter.

NCC has confirmed that further work is required for looking at remediation of the site.

Compensation claims have been passed to the legal team for consideration and NCC propose a meeting in late March to discuss the future of the existing site.

The clerk is to propose a date and venue to NCC.

IN BLOOM: Meetings have been held with regards to this year’s Felton in Bloom.

Preparation of a wildflower area has been discussed while prices have been received for tubs.

A letter has been sent to Warkworth Rotary Club which indicated it might be able to provide financial assistance.

Following the hedges being cut back on the outskirts of the village, Mr Blevins litter-picked along this area as there were a large amount of plastic bags. These were found to belong to the Salvation Army.

The clerk is to send a letter of thanks to Mr Blevins and a letter to the Salvation Army informing them of this fly-tipping.

IN WRITING: A letter is to be sent to the county council’s planning department after plans to convert St Mary’s Church were refused.

Councillors said they were fully in support of changing the church into a dwelling and are writing to the department about their contradiction on planning for listed buildings within the village.

A copy of the letter is to be sent to Sir Alan Beith.

BOUNDARIES RAISED: The issue of parish boundaries was raised after a request from Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council in light of the Rivendell application and annual litter- pick. However Felton councillors said they do not wish to alter the boundaries.

CUTTING EDGE: A request has been made for the clerk to speak to the county council about grass cutting at St Michael and All Angels Church.

She has also been asked to contact the county about installing a seat in the churchyard.

The parish council agreed that the clerk cannot be involved in closed churchyard issues.

IN BRIEF: Works for a gas leak by Felton Bridge have been completed.

But the new road surface is black rather than red as before and the county council is pursuing the matter with the heritage officer. There is also concern that there is recent collision damage with mortar being dislodged.

DONATIONS have been given to good causes. Community Action Northumberland was given £20 while St Michael and All Angels’ flower festival and Age Concern will each receive £25.

REPAIRS have started on Felton’s phone box and work is to be done to the footpath at Park View.

A RESPONSE is awaited as to why there was a power failure in Felton on February 23.