Parked cars block in residents' vehicle

Parish councillors in Belford are to call on the county council to take action on nuisance parking following a plea from a frustrated resident.

Saturday, 30th April 2016, 10:30 am
Concerns have been raised about parked cars blocking the alley between the Blue Bell Hotel and the Wooden Toy Shop.

At last Thursday night’s meeting of the parish council, members heard from Ryan Waterhouse, who lives in the Market Place.

The vehicular access to his home is between the Blue Bell Hotel and the former Wooden Toy Shop and he and his wife have been plagued with cars parking in front of the alleyway, blocking them in, particularly at weekends.

It came to a head when a parish councillor’s friend parked there on a Friday night and Mr Waterhouse’s wife had to get a taxi to work on Saturday morning, which the Blue Bell paid for in the first instance before the culprit realised what had happened and sorted it.

A number of suggestions about how to tackle the issue were made, such as cones and signs, but Mr Waterhouse pointed out that if those parking there couldn’t see the car they were blocking in, would they notice a sign?

Eventually, it was agreed to request that the county council paints an H-bar road marking in front of the alleyway.

Mr Waterhouse also raised concerns about plans to change the use of the Wooden Toy Shop to a coffee house and restaurant, saying that if it caters for 40 covers then that would exacerbate the parking problem even more.

However, while members were sympathetic to his concerns, the parish council is supportive of the proposals because it is keen for new businesses and it will tidy up an eyesore property.