Parishioners encouraged to see plans for the coast

Boulmer beach.
Boulmer beach.

Residents are being encouraged to attend a drop-in session to give their views on plans to prevent coastal erosion at Boulmer.

Northumberland County Council is behind the proposal, which comprises two main elements – rock toe protection and earthworks.

The rock toe protection works will consist of approximately one to four tonne armour rock placed along the foot of the existing cliff line.

The existing sandy beach material will be excavated and the rock armour placed before being buried with the excavated sandy beach material.

The majority of the rock armour toe when completed will be beneath the existing beach level.

The upper coastal slope above the rock armour toe will be cut-back to a more stable angle. The material excavated will then be placed at the crest of the slope to raise the height of defence, increasing the protection to properties.

The upper slope will be covered by a coir mat to provide initial protection from wind, waves, and rain until the vegetation re-establishes itself.

The drop-in session takes place today, at Boulmer Village Hall, from 4.30pm to 7pm.