Parents vent fury at the handling of uniform blitz

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Furious parents have criticised an Alnwick school for its handling of a uniform ‘clamp down’, saying it has come at the wrong time, is over-zealous and inconsistent.

Towards the end of last month, the Duchess’s Community High School issued a letter stating that should a pupil in year nine or 10 not appear appropriately dressed after the half-term break, then the school reserves the right to send them home to change.

It added that, where necessary, a travel pass would be provided and the relevant parent/guardian would be personally informed .

But some readers contacted us on Tuesday to say that while they were in favour of the school’s intention to smarten uniform, they weren’t happy at the way the situation was being dealt with when the children returned to school on Monday.

One parent said her daughter had been wearing the same skinny-fit school trousers since September, which had been bought from Next’s school range, only to be told on Monday that there were skinny jeans.

She said that her daughter was left with two options – go home and change or to be taught in an ‘exclusion unit’.

She said: “In the end, my daughter had a friend who was prepared to lend her some trousers but it meant that she missed the first two lessons to go and get them. She can’t afford to do that.

“I support what the school is trying to achieve but I think the timing of it is questionable and I never thought that they would go to such extremes as they have done, especially during a revision period.”

Another reader claimed that the school hasn’t been consistent with its punishments and that some children who were breaking the rules hadn’t been singled out at all.

She added: “The kids are stressed to death with exams. They don’t need this.”

The school was unavailable for comment.