Parents launch fight to save ther school

Lef to right, Lucia Bridgeman, Ann Bell, Fred Robertson and Debbie Cook.
Lef to right, Lucia Bridgeman, Ann Bell, Fred Robertson and Debbie Cook.
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A DETERMINED group of parents has launched a campaign to challenge the closure of their children’s school.

Governors at Rock Hall School, near Alnwick, announced that the independent school was to consult on closure because of a mixture of red tape, rising costs and falling rolls.

But when parents found out they were devastated at the news and wanted to try to do something to help keep it open.

And at a meeting this week a steering group was set up with one role - to Save Our School in Six Weeks.

To give prospective parents and their children the chance to see Rock Hall School firsthand an open afternoon is being held on Sunday, January 8.

Robert Cook, a parent and a member of the newly-formed steering committee, said: “It would be such a shame if Northumberland’s only Independent school offering education between three and 13 were to close.

“Rock Hall School is a very special place with many unique features and we are determined to keep it open.

“By showing what it can provide to other parents it is one step towards achieving our goal.

“The school really does offer teaching and education how it used to be – the classes are small, it encourages fun in the great outdoors, and the activities are amazing.

“It has its own leek club, they have tea parties, help with the gardening, feed the chickens and watch the wildlife, and every day they count the red squirrels.”

The steering committee’s commitment is reflected in their plan to try to save the school.

Another committee member said: “We not only want to safeguard our own children’s education and the staff of the school, but we want Rock Hall School to continue to thrive as an integral part of the Northumberland community

“For over 25 years the school has produced great talent which we all should be proud of and certainly want to continue under Lalage Bosanquet’s leadership.”

Lucia Bridgeman, whose children have all attended the school, added: “This is not just a primary and middle school, it is Rock Hall School and it offers children the highest levels of education and much, much more.”

“We have a six-week window to preserve a school with a fantastic reputation for pastoral care, academic achievement, excellence in music and drama, and all in the most beautiful rural back drop.

“For 27 years it has given children the best start in the most unique rural setting, with many pupils going on to the finest UK universities.

“If the seed is well planted and cared for, it will flourish later and this has certainly been the case for so many children and so many of the pupils who have passed through the doors during the last 27 years.”

The aim of the open afternoon is for parents and their children to experience for themselves the warm and special atmosphere that Rock Hall School makes for learning.

To ensure that there are opportunities for each individual pupil to flourish and develop there is real diversity for the children in their working day.

The committee believes the best way to see how the school works and the role that it plays in children’s lives is to see it in action.

Anyone interested in attending the open day can contact Lucia Bridgeman via email at or the school directly on 01665 579 224.