Pantomime dames, duels, dirty deals – and bacon

The RAF Boulmer panto cast.
The RAF Boulmer panto cast.

OH yes they did! RAF Boulmer has staged its popular Christmas panto once again.

Members of the RAF Boulmer Theatre Society, which includes members of the local community, gave two performances of Andrew Smith’s A Mid Winter Night’s Dream to packed audiences.

Performed at Westfield Park Community Centre, the script shamelessly plundered William Shakespeare’s classic tale as its inspiration for a family-friendly and fun-filled pantomime.

Despite its classical heritage, the show was aimed at all ages and featured pantomime dames, groan-inducing puns, light-sabre duels and bacon.

The story centred on the deception of four star-crossed lovers by the evil genie Aubergine and his mischievous sidekick, Prune.

The usual pandemonium ensured as the tale progressed but the day was saved by the timely intervention of the Fairy Godmother, leaving Prince Charming and Cinderella free to be married.

The show raised more than £300 for local charities supported by RAF Boulmer, though this would not have been achieved without the kind efforts of the Alnwick Theatre Company, the trustees of the Longhoughton Community Centre and the community.

The RAF Boulmer Theatre Society is open to all members of the public, as well as serving personnel. For information, contact Andrew Smith on 01665 607762.