Owners ignore dog ban on beach

These pictures show owners ignoring a dog ban on an Amble beach '“ despite nearby signage highlighting the restriction.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 7th September 2017, 10:31 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:24 pm
Dogs on Amble Little Shore, despite the ban.
Dogs on Amble Little Shore, despite the ban.

And according to some Facebook users, people flouting the rules at the Little Shore is a regular occurrence.

Warkworth Harbour Commissioners (WHC) introduced the ban during the 2016 summer season, claiming muck was being left along the stretch ‘on a daily basis’.

Dogs on Amble Little Shore, despite the ban.

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The aim was to stamp out the poo problem and allow families to use the beach area safely in the peak months.

The ban, which sparked a mixed response when it was first announced, returned this year, running from the start of May to the end of September. The restriction includes the dunes area, but dogs are still able to go onto the nearby pier.

It is in line with other beaches where dogs aren’t allowed during high season, such as Newbiggin and Blyth.

But it appears that not everyone plays by the rules, as these images – posted onto the Amble Community Team Facebook group at the weekend – show.

Dogs on Amble Little Shore, despite the ban.

The pictures prompted discussion about the ban, with some saying they would have told the offenders to remove their pet from the beach.

Among the comments, Gemma Richardson wrote: ‘I was down last week and there was a dog running about and the people were stood next to a sign.

‘I think it (the ban) is a good idea. I have dogs in the family and still respect the rule of no dogs, as some children and adults are scared etc.’

Louise Little agreed. She posted: ‘I’ve got dogs, I adhere to the ban as I can’t see the massive problem. There’s loads of beaches to let the dogs off and come October, I’ll be back down there letting the dogs have a swim when there’s not loads of families picnicking.

‘The ban is in place and I try to adhere to it. I also chase folk with dogs along the Little Shore like a crazy lady because if my dogs aren’t allowed on then no one elses should be.’

But Barry Oliver isn’t a fan. He replied: ‘Can the public not get the message that putting up of signs and barring dogs is stupid, as it’s only going to affect genuine dog owners who always pick up after their dog.

‘The people who don’t pick up will never pick up and will never adhere to signs/banishment. There is no use putting bans in place as the irresponsible owners don’t care where the dog makes a mess. So why penalise responsible owners by giving them a ban?’

A WHC spokesman said: “There are a couple of individuals who ignore the ban. When they are spotted by the Harbour Master, they are approached. Hopefully, in time, they will fall into line with all the other responsible people.”