Overgrown, ‘danger’ pond to be fenced off

The pond at Hadston Community Park
The pond at Hadston Community Park

An eyesore community pond which is in a poor state of repair and branded a danger is to be cleared out and fenced off.

Talks had been ongoing about transforming the unsightly feature at Hadston community park, using UK Coal cash.

But at East Chevington Parish Council’s February meeting, members said it was time to use the money to shut off the pond.

Coun Paul Claridge said: “Things have changed since we first received the UK Coal money.

“There has been a suggestion, as part of the redevelopment of the former Druridge Bay Middle School site, to move the play park and the bandstand at the park into the area where the school was.

“Also, I am sure the drainage system doesn’t work, the water level has changed and it is over-run with bulrushes.

“I think we need to have a rethink. It is a danger and I would be happy to fill it up.”

Coun Scott Dickinson said the community park is a source of concern for parents and, if the play park and bandstand did move to the former school site, the community park could be turned into land for housing.

It was agreed to clear up the site and put a new fence around the pond. The work is being put out to tender.

Coun Fred Thurgood was against the idea of moving the bandstand if it cost money, as ‘nobody uses it’.