Overflowing bins detract from village’s tourist draw

Overflowing bins in Seahouses at the end of the May bank holiday weekend.
Overflowing bins in Seahouses at the end of the May bank holiday weekend.

Concerns have been raised about the build-up of litter in a north Northumberland seaside village over the bank holiday weekend.

Fish and chip wrappers, along with other remains, were piled up beside the bins in the centre of Seahouses as they were full.

One resident commented that it wouldn’t help with the problem of seagulls and that more resources need to be put into tourism.

Another sent in more photos of litter piled up on the Monday, as there were no late collections, and questioned what tourists must think.

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “In Seahouses the litter bins are emptied and the centre is litter-picked every day.

“On sunny bank holidays there is a lot more litter and we had a member of staff in the village emptying bins and dealing with litter from 7am to 4pm on bank holiday Monday.

“Two-and-a-half tonnes of litter were collected on the day. On Tuesday morning we also brought in extra resources to help to make sure that the area was clean and tidy.”

At the March meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council, members heard that a county council pilot project has seen a new high-tech bin installed in the village centre.

As reported in the Gazette, chairman Coun Geoffrey Stewart explained to members that the bin, outside Pinnacles fish and chip restaurant, has a solar panel on top and lights on the side to indicate when it is full.

At the same meeting, the council also received a letter from a resident who was concerned that the bin had been removed from near the lifeboat station.

But Coun David Shiel, also of the harbour commissioners, said that it hadn’t been there for a while.

“We have had no problems with litter since we did away with the bins,” he said.

He explained that the harbour is cleared of rubbish every morning and that they have their own skip.

Coun Shiel also said that far more rubbish had to be picked up when the bins were there.