Outraging public decency concerns

Police are following up reports of a man exposing himself in Widdrington.

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 11:45 am
News from Northumbria Police

Officers were informed about the incident at the end of last week, which occurred on Grangemoor Road, up towards the old brickworks.

The man has been spotted on two separate occasions, beside a black pick-up truck.

Police are urging people to be cautious and to report any possible outraging public decency offence straight away.

Writing on Facebook on Saturday, a concerned resident, who contacted police about the matter, said: ‘I just wanted to make parents, in particular, aware of the fact that twice this week I have seen a man exposing himself on the road up to the old brickworks.

‘The first time I thought he was urinating, but when I saw him last night he was quite blatant – he had his bits in one hand and his mobile phone in the other.

‘As I walked by with my dogs he did not make any attempt to put himself away so I worry that he was not simply ‘caught short’ and having to relieve himself.

‘I am pretty sure it was the same man both times and certainly it was a black pick-up truck that he was standing by on both occasions.

‘The pick-up had some writing on it but I didn’t see what it was or get the registration.

‘I just wanted to make people aware as I felt quite unnerved by it as a grown woman, but it could be very disturbing to a young child, and I know from my regular dog walks that children do go up that way.

‘The first time I saw him he was on the road that branches off the one leading to the brickworks and it was about 7.30pm and last night (Friday) he was parked right on the turning to that road and it was about 8.30pm.’

Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101.