Out with the old, in with the new

Members of Alnmouth WI in their Easter bonnets. Picture by Terry Collinson
Members of Alnmouth WI in their Easter bonnets. Picture by Terry Collinson

After greeting everyone on her last evening in the chair at Alnmouth WI, Haley asked all members to stand and sing Jerusalem, which we did with great gusto, after which both Haley and Yvonne quickly went through all matters arising, including reading last month’s minutes, before handing the meeting over to Pat Tulip, our local member of the national executive who was in charge of the election which she did with great humour and efficiency.

She proceeded with the election of the new committee, asking everyone who had put their name forward if they were willing to stand, followed by a secret ballot, for the post as president.

Janis Crook was unanimously elected and it was decided for the new committee to stay on after our meeting to discuss the various roles etc. The outcome was Caroline Martin, secretary; Esme Forster, minute secretary; Celia Collinson, programme secretary and Jean Cullen, treasurer.

As there are four long-term present members retiring from committee, they are being replaced by Ann Coyne, Hillary Cheyne, Kathleen Mccaughey and Barbara Galbraith. The rest of the committee are Clair Smith, Yvonne Farmer and Sue Ellis.

What a line-up, we look forward to a great year.

Isabel Chalmers gave an excellent vote of thanks, thanking the outgoing committee for all their hard work to keep our WI running on an even keel, particularly our outgoing president and secretary, also of course the long-standing members Edith Cummings, Pam Muggleton, Joan Davidson and Jill Bourne, who are not going anywhere, just getting ready to ‘heckle’ from the back row.

After our new committee was all elected and the floor settled down knowing we were in good hands for the future, Mary Hollins took over together with some members (dressed accordingly, of course) singing a selection of Easter songs followed by an Easter hat parade.

The winner was Heather Mavro, but how Pat chose the winner must have been difficult as the effort put into some of the hats was amazing.

It was a good laugh, especially when we paraded round showing our hats off to the song Easter Parade.

We couldn’t believe there was no birthday girl for April present, so the flowers went into the raffle and as it was a pooled supper we finished our evening by enjoying the wonderful choice on offer.

The ladies in their Easter bonnets are pictured, above, and above left, outgoing president Hayley Hackett congratulates new president Janis Crook.