From our archives: January 11 1913

A cheerful woman is good for the home, the Canadian Government were looking for emigrants and the fees required to send your daughter to the Duchess School - these are among the fascinating snippets we found in our archive.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 9:26 am
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From our archives January 11 1913

These articles show how times and attitudes have changed - we hope you enjoy this glimpse of life in Alnwick and district one hundred and five years ago.

C'mon girls - be cheerful!
Top tip on how to recycle stockings!
Who knew this was one of the uses of honey?
Boden's is the answer....
Monster turnips at Acklington
Rogerson's of Rothbury - the famous boot emporium.
Alnwick greyhound heads to Ireland
Fancy a tipple? Head to Alnwick Brewery Co Ltd
Fees for the Duchess School - but there is a reduction for sisters
Wanting to buy a gramophone? Look no further...
Snitter residents received a nice New Year gift!
A Canadian Government talk in Embleton trying to entice emigrants.
A change of view for Lady Armstrong....