FROM OUR ARCHIVE: Shrove Tuesday Football from years gone by...

We have delved into our archives to remember the fun and games that are associated with Alnwick's famous game - do you recognise any of the people featured?

Am image from our papers in 1994
Am image from our papers in 1994

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Michael Rogerson and Gavin Baston in 1984.
The start of the pancake race in 1991.
Making a splash in 1984.
In 1995 the 11th Duke of Northumberland throws the ball from the Barbican.
The procession to the pastures in 1995.
The victorious lads who got the ball across the river in 1995.
Steve Yeadon, Andrina Carr and Alex Norris at the pancake race in 1993
Players scramble for the ball in 1999.
Snowy conditions were waiting for the players in 1994.
In 1967 the Duke's piper, Jack Armstrong, led the procession from the castle to the pastures.
The Gazette team of Robert Brooks, Duncan Bennett and Andrew White were victorious in the 1999 pancake race.
The pancake race gets underway in 1999.
Alison Grey and friends braved the river Aln in 1967.
Steve Fannon won the ball in 1977.
Pancake race contestants in 1991.