Ordeal leaves son distraught

The torment suffered by Lico the cat, who was targeted with white spirit and hair clippers last week in Alnwick, also affected the boy who owns her.

Kelly Cottage’s seven-year-old son Harry returned home from his dad’s last Thursday morning.

The evening before, one of their cats, Lico, had come back in from her nightly outing covered in white spirit and with hair missing from her face, back and tail.

Kelly said: “My son came home the next day and he was distraught.

“She sleeps every night in his room.

“I don’t think he could grasp why someone would do it to her.”

Lico has been treated with injections as well as painkillers and antibiotics to ease the irritation on her skin caused by the white spirit, but the ordeal has affected her psychologically as well.

“She’s very scared, she’s been off her food and she’s not herself,” said Kelly, who added that luckily Lico is slowly coming round.

“She is still terrified,” Kelly said. “She will let my son near her but she won’t let me near her.”

Kelly contacted the RSPCA following the incident and the animal charity is asking for anyone who has any information to contact its 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.