"When you have bairns it's never too early for Christmas" - Readers share differing opinions on whether it is too soon to start planning for Christmas

Readers shared their opinions on prepping for ChristmasReaders shared their opinions on prepping for Christmas
Readers shared their opinions on prepping for Christmas
Readers have shown split opinions over whether it is too soon to start planning festivities.

The countdown to Christmas has begun, for some.

In a recent social media poll, we asked you: “With less than 100 days until Christmas, is it too soon to start planning for the occasion?”

It appears that readers had to agree to disagree on this one as the results were split almost 50-50.

Those who voted ‘no’ have been planning well in advance.

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Holly Rose James said: “We get most of our stuff in the Boxing Day sales the year before! Means Christmas is never a stress for our family and we have great fun getting all the bargains. Call me crazy. We call it stress free with more money to spend on food etc when the time comes. Win win.”

Rachel Mavin commented: “I've made a couple of purchases already to put away. With a baby due in nine weeks I'm starting early this year.”

Donna Watson said: “Started a few weeks ago buying presents so I can budget. If you’re on a low income it's the best way to do it.”

Margaret Speller said: “I put the Brussels on the first of October.”

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Glenn Donnelly commented: “When you have bairns to buy for it's never to early. I suppose when it's only adults and such then it is early depends on circumstances.”

Those who voted ‘yes’ appear to want to enjoy the rest of the year before Christmas arrives.

Betty Henderson said: “Can I have my September's holiday first?”

Margaret Lee commented: “For goodness sake why can't we just enjoy the now.”

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Anna Blake argued: “I'd enjoy Christmas more if it wasn't constantly banded in our faces from August time. I get fed up with it by around October.”

While Joanna Lisa Todd has been planning early, she doesn’t want to get too festive yet. She said: “I've ordered some gifts and food to put away as I can't afford it all at once but it's much too soon for the shops to be selling decorations and cards etc.”

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