Water, water everywhere for picture theme of the week

One of my many highlights of the week is looking through the images people have uploaded to the Northumberland Camera Club Facebook Group and choosing some for this week’s paper.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:29 pm
Picture by Sarah Murray

I usually try to pick a variety of shots with a single theme running through them.

We do have weekly themes in the group, with somebody different choosing different ones each time, but what jumps out at me isn’t always the themes we have been using.

Picture by Judith Hardisty

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This time it was images of water that made a splash. (Pun intended).

The first five I found were all shot by women so I thought I would continue that.

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as me.

Well done everyone – and keep clicking.

Picture by Valerie Seaward

Everyone is welcome to join Northumberland Camera Club.

It is a friendly, online group, open to people of all abilities and levels of experience, where members encourage each other and share tips. There are occasional photographic outings organised between members.

The group is non-competitive, but aims to help photographers develop their skills.

Post images to http://bit.ly/PicNland and tag them #PicNorthumberland, giving some background about your inspiration.

Picture by Carmell Stewart-Hook
Picture by Jennifer MacKenzie
Picture by Linda Johnson
Picture by Jayne Dobson
Picture by Lyn Douglas