Voters in our online poll think we were a more caring society 10 years ago

New research by the charity Action for Happiness has found that almost two thirds of people believe Britain has become less caring in the last decade.

By Tony Gillan
Friday, 6th December 2019, 5:20 pm
Updated Monday, 9th December 2019, 8:56 am
A large majority in our poll say Britain is a less caring place than a decade ago.
A large majority in our poll say Britain is a less caring place than a decade ago.

So we asked in our Facebook poll: “Do you think our country was more caring 10 years ago?” At the time of writing, 500 people had voted with 82% saying yes, 18% no.

Shelley Darby was in the minority, saying: “All of the new charities and community groups I have seen formed. All of the giving campaigns completed. I think we are more caring than ever before, just a lot of it is online or supporting from a distance now.”

Olwen Foggon said: “I think people are a lot more informed of what’s going on in the world. There are a lot of good people out there who do so much to help people, news is one of the major things that help people to feel more positive about life and goals.”

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Brian Eastham Snr said: “Yes! Because the people running the charities weren't raking off £100,000's of pound in salary before any money goes were its meant to.”

Darren Lish said: “Just got to drive on our roads to see how many people only think about themselves, stuff everybody else!”

Phil Hopper’s thoughts were: “Probably not, but a lot of people look back with rose-tinted glasses.

“They're probably the same ones who share memes about how great their childhoods were because you could smack kids.”

Adam Spoors perhaps didn’t take the poll entirely seriously. He said: “Don't really care.”