Use powers of observation to capture the more unusual

The Northumberland Camera Club is filled with super shots from both experienced and novice photographers alike.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 1:03 pm
Picture by Jenny Turner.

It’s our club’s remit to celebrate photography taken by folk at every level of skill, and I love it when people experiment with different types of photography.

I like a good landscape as much as the next person, but someone’s observation of snow or ice formations, or the light shining through plants, or the patterns formed by lichen, or the shape of architectural features, or even capturing the Alnwick Lion through the ‘O’ of a Barter Books sign, is just wonderful.

Picture by Caroline Harrison

One thing that makes great photography is that power of observation.

Seeing things that people don’t usually notice and placing the camera where the human eye rarely goes helps to make a picture compelling.

I think that is more important than technical ability.

Spot the unusual and capture it.

Picture by Jean Sawyer

Everyone is welcome to join the Northumberland Camera Club.

Post your images to and tag them #PicNorthumberland, giving some background information about your inspiration behind the photographs.

You can also email pictures to [email protected] marking them Northumberland Camera Club.

Picture by Teresa Jennings.
Picture by Ronnie Ingledew
Picture by Mark Davis
Picture by Walter Hall
Picture by David Tanner