Use different techniques to make your images stand out

The great thing about photography is that it teaches us to see things in ways that most people don’t.

By Ivor Rackham
Monday, 6th May 2019, 2:30 pm
Picture by Nick Eckersley
Picture by Nick Eckersley

I’ve said before that I do like photography that is a little bit different.

As much as I appreciate a well composed and properly developed shot of a glorious sunset, for me a photo becomes compelling when it shows the world differently.

Picture by John Green

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My selection this week is about just that. They all communicate what the photographers wanted to say, using specific techniques to achieve their results.

All the photographers have made the effort to be somewhere at a certain time and used particular techniques that make their images stand out.

Whether it be using a selective focus lens, looking for abstract patterns, choosing a low camera position, taking a long exposure, using an infrared sensor, placing the camera where the eye would not usually be or just waiting for the perfect moment for someone to walk into the frame, they are all captivating.

If you haven’t done so already, come and join Northumberland Camera Club on Facebook and share your photos with us.

Picture by Claire Dinning, Kielder

It would be great to see your work. It is a friendly group, open to people of all abilities.

Post images to and tag them #PicNorthumberland, giving some backgroundto them.

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Picture by Martin Kitching
Picture by David Tanner, Alnwick Gardens
Picture by Keith Saint.
Picture by Dave Henderson
Picture by Dot Wilson