SIGN: No sense in upsetting us

I understand that Cussins is appealing against the North Northumberland Area Council Planning Committee decision not to allow retrospective permission for a sign at the entrance to Montague Avenue in Warkworth.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 10:30 am

I want to ask Cussins if it has no regard for the wishes of 15 objectors, Warkworth Parish Council, the planning committee, and me.

The sign is at a fully completed and occupied development, pointing to a show home and sales office no longer there.

I ask anyone who has seen the sign to deny that it points towards the entrance of this development and is misleading to the prospective house purchaser. It irritates residents of the area as people are regularly asking for directions to a non-existent show house.

Warkworth is a conservation village and the parish council and I try to keep signs to a minimum, but Cussins does not seem to understand.

It already has seven signs in the area pointing to another development in the village, and a further large sign in Rotary Way, between Amble and Warkworth.

Although I appealed to a director of the company, asking him if he would have it removed, it was to no avail as he told me that the sales and marketing people wanted it.

I would suggest it’s not a good marketing strategy to upset the local residents.

C’mon Cussins, cancel the appeal, remove the sign and accept the will of the people without wasting any more time and money.

Jeff Watson,

Member for Amble West with Warkworth