RECYCLING: Clarification of rules is needed

I read with interest the article which appeared by Lynne Russell, of LitterBugs, about recycling (Northumberland Gazette, February 21).

Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 5:00 am

It is stated that plastic bottles should be put in the bin with their tops on.

This is contrary to the previous advice that such bottles should be without their tops, the implication being that they had to be completely dry.

The illustration included in Northumberland County Council’s current recycling guidance shows plastic bottles without their tops.

The tops of plastic bottles are sometimes made from a different type of plastic to the bottle itself, and even where the same type of plastic is used, the colour is usually different.

This can, I believe, introduce a complication into the recycling process.

A clarification would be welcome.

G.L Hopper,

Mariners Court,