RAILWAYS: Halfway to reclaiming it

The letter from Richard Harrison reminded me that not all old lines in Northumberland are derelict (Northumberland Gazette, March 28).

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 11:30 am

In Alnwick we still have the track bed of the Alnwick to Coldstream line, which is partly open to walkers.

The section from Alnwick Golf Course to Halfcrown Well is available and not too overgrown. This could be cleared and made usable for both cyclists and walkers and would be a useful missing link for a path around the Rugley Wood, back to the golf course.

I know there are other old lines which could be reclaimed, but this one is halfway there.

Given the many new houses being built in the south of the town, we need to have more footpaths and cycle paths to accommodate the increased number of residents and their children.

With the help of local councillors and landowners, I am sure this could be achieved.

Paul Wright,

Alnwick Ramblers Group Access Officer