POLITICS: Local input works best

Having read the letter from Geoff Hoskin (Northumberland Gazette, January 24) about the public losing control of vital services, I wanted to write and say how much I agree with him.

Saturday, 9th February 2019, 05:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 17:09 pm

I have written to Anne-Marie Trevelyan with concerns about this loss of control, degradation of public services and the effect this has on the most vulnerable people.

So far, I have had a generalised reply and an acknowledgement.

I don’t want to link this all to Brexit as it seems to me – as Mr Hoskin has indicated – that there is a general policy to remove control from public bodies and put it into the hands of businesses whose only regulation will be through an increasingly centralised and out-of-touch Westminster Parliament.

Who benefits from this I am not sure, but it will not be the general public, and in the end, I am pretty sure it will not be Britain as a whole.

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I am not a great supporter of widespread nationalisation either, but there are clearly areas such as health and welfare, education, housing and transport where local input to, and accountability for, national systems works best.

This is where the people of Britain need to ‘take back control’.

Peter Cole,