PLANNING: Decision needs discussion

I write on behalf of Our Amble community group with outrage at the decision by the North Northumberland Local Area Committee to approve the Signal Cottage planning application on March 21.

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 6:00 am

It is our intention as a group to bring this disgraceful situation to national attention because it is an important issue concerning the future of Northumberland’s undeveloped coast that many people will want to know about.

After approving over 1,000 homes in rapid succession on Amble’s dwindling greenfield land, which is a figure three times above the town’s agreed house building target, the decision has now been made to approve an unnecessary housing scheme on our beautiful, undeveloped coastline on Amble dunes.

This is within two metres of the Northumberland Coastal Path, which will sit in a raised position on top of Wellhaugh Point and will be visible for many miles all around, forever destroying the unspoilt natural panorama that people travel long distances to photograph and enjoy.

Previous plans were denied on grounds of scale, massing and visual impact, yet the approved scheme is the same size, except for the claim it will be ‘sunk’ 0.5m (18ins) into the bedrock – this alone was enough to convince the planning officer to recommend approval, and the committee members backed him.

Every aspect of law against granting approval appears to have been ignored, including the objections from expert consultees and the public.

Our Amble will be bringing this to the nation’s attention, to the Government and to every relevant influential person.

We understand that in law this decision cannot now be overturned, however, it needs wider discussion because it is such an important regional issue.

For decades to come it will affect Amble, our natural environment and the many people who love Northumberland’s undeveloped coast; particularly as a precedent has now been set for future planning applications on the region’s dunes.

If any reader wishes to join us, please get in touch.

Grace Ryan,

Chairman, Our Amble,

PO Box 310,


NE61 9GJ