'Not really that smart' - Readers have their say on impact of smart motorways on drivers

Gazette readers have had their say on smart motorways – expressing concerns about how their introduction will affect the attention drivers pay to the road.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Friday, 31st January 2020, 11:45 am
Readers respond to ‘smart motorways’ in our Facebook poll. Picture: Pixabay.

Britain's so-called smart motorways have been branded a "death trap" by MPs in a report which has prompted criticism of Highways England.

We asked in our daily Facebook poll: “Do you feel relaxed and safe driving on a smart motorway?”

More than 400 readers took park in the online vote with 86% voting for no.

Some argued that the dangers on smart motorways were the same as on other roads.

This is what you said on our Facebook page:

Chris Kelley said: “Hard shoulders were specced on motorways for a reason - even then they're a dangerous place to be on proper motorways.”

Jon Robinson said: “Personally I find I'm concentrating more on my speed rather than concentrating on the whole picture of what other drivers are doing, average speed cameras suck.”

Amy Hodgkiss-White said: “The motorway isn't the problem, it's the idiots driving on it!”

Alan Knighting said: “Bearing in mind the appalling congestion and the low standard of driving on many of the UK’s motorways I don’t feel particularly relaxed or safe driving on any of them whether they are smart or stupid.”

Richard Abbott-Brailey said: “Not really that smart!”

Graeme Appleby said: “I don't feel relaxed on any motorway, too many awful drivers, too much weaving from lane to lane, way too much tailgating, especially from lorry drivers (I'm sorry lorry drivers but it's true ).”