Northumberland Gazette readers share their dislike for The Apprentice as it returns for its fifteenth series

The Apprentice has returned to our TV screens but the majority of Northumberland Gazette readers aren’t happy about it.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 2:39 pm
The Apprentice has returned to TV screens. Photo credit: Daniel Law/PA Wire
The Apprentice has returned to TV screens. Photo credit: Daniel Law/PA Wire

At 9pm on Wednesday, October 2, plenty of TV viewers prepared for buzzwords and boardroom firings as The Apprentice returned for its 15th series while others wanted to watch anything but that.

After the news that Lord Alan Sugar says he thinks he might "max out" of the show after 20 years, in an online poll we asked you: “Do you think reality programmes have had their day?”

Of the 171 readers who voted, 77% said they want something new while 23% claimed to love reality TV.

Northumberland Gazette readers had a lot to say about The Apprentice.

Rob Easton said: “Used to like it when it was about people trying to make a business. Now it's about people trying to make it in show business.”

Geoff Hunt added: “The programme is dead on its feet but doesn’t know it.”

However, some readers shared positive views about the show and reality TV.

Karen Dickson said: “Love love love The Apprentice.”

Richard Abbott-Brailey said: “Depends very much on the reality of the reality programmes. Whose reality is it in the first place? Is the reality being created, contrived and manufactured in order to titillate, and provoke debate and interest, because real reality left to its own devices might be a bit boring? Just asking.”

These results were recorded at 8.50pm on Wednesday, October 2.

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