Northumberland Gazette readers don't think Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will get through parliament

A majority of Northumberland Gazette readers who voted in our poll do not believe the Prime Minister’s deal will survive Saturday’s vote in Parliament.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 5:13 pm
Updated Saturday, 19th October 2019, 11:19 am
Boris Johnson has reached an agreement with the EU on Brexit, but will MPs back him on Saturday?

Boris Johnson has agreed a new deal with the EU, but now has to convince the UK’s MPs, who will vote on it some time from mid-afternoon on Saturday. There’s a lot at stake and his party has no majority. But will enough opposition MPs and ex-Conservatives vote his way?

We asked our readers on Facebook: “Do you think Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will get through Parliament?” Of the 752 people who had voted at the time of writing, 32% said yes, 68% said no.

Clifford Proud said: “It is not a fantastic deal but it will fail due to political chicanery.”

Ken Pullan said “They display utter contempt for that election promise and will do their utmost to stop Brexit

Mikey Mann said: “No. Because all MPs are playing some sort of party political game and don't give a stuff about us. They will all learn a very hard lesson.”

Bill Ellis said: “No matter if the EU said they would pay the UK billions, it would never get through. They are not supporting our great country for their own gains.”

Carole Hardman was also sceptical, saying: “Some will vote no regardless of any deal as they don’t want Brexit.”

Tracey Skinner doesn’t like the deal, saying: “We have a better deal now. Leaving what we have for something considerably worse … well that makes complete sense!”