NORTHUMBERLAND CAMERA CLUB: Capturing architecture can be tricky

Picture by  Valerie SeawardPicture by  Valerie Seaward
Picture by Valerie Seaward
Photographing architecture is a challenge.

Incorrect camera angles can lead to strange distortions of straight lines.

Capturing an architect’s artistic design, revealing a construction’s purpose, showing manmade structures as part of the natural environment and recording historic styles are all aspects we can consider when shooting buildings.

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Picture by Keith CochranePicture by Keith Cochrane
Picture by Keith Cochrane

These photos all did a grand job of interpreting each of these scenes from around the North East.

Take a look at them and see how the photographers have used light and context to show off the buildings in different ways.

Well done to everyone posting photos in the Northumberland Camera Club; there have been some absolute crackers recently.

If you haven’t already, please do come and join us to share your images. We love to see them, no matter how experienced or new to photography you are.

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Picture by Mick StoreyPicture by Mick Storey
Picture by Mick Storey

It’s a great place for friendly advice, discussion and some games too.

Everyone is welcome to join Northumberland Camera Club. It is a friendly, online group, open to people of all abilities and levels of experience, where members encourage each other and share tips.

Post images to and tag them #PicNorthumberland, giving some background about your inspiration.

For more tips from Ivor, visit his website at

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