NHS: Address the shortages

The National Health Service is currently consulting on possible changes to the law that could make it easier to bring in the big ideas for the health service as set out in the NHS Long-term Plan

However, there is a huge gap in what is being suggested.

The gap is nurses, or rather the lack of them.

It’s a gap that has become too big to ignore.

It’s a gap that will severely compromise patient care, and it will leave existing nurses under intolerable pressure, unless it is addressed now and is underpinned by legislation.

There are nearly 40,000 nursing posts in England that are unfilled.

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This has happened because the Government has not taken responsibility for ensuring that there are enough nurses.

This must change.

We are asking patients, their families and the public to join our call for a change to the law to address the shortage of nurses and protect patient care.

Please tell the NHS what you think by completing our online form at http://rcn.eaction.org.uk/NHS-consultation.

Trevor Peel, Regional Council member,

Glenn Turp, Regional Director,

Royal College of Nursing