Majority in our poll say they are 'happy' with general election result

With the dust now settling on the general election, the public are taking stock of the situation.

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 4:42 pm
Boris Johnson arrives back at 10 Downing Street the morning after winning the general election.

Nationally Boris Johnson’s Conservatives had a convincing win. Three out of four Northumberland MPs are now Conservatives. Labour held in Wansbeck, but with a significantly reduced share of the vote.

So we asked in out Facebook poll: “Are you happy with the outcome of the general election?” Unlike the election, it was quite close, with 54% of around 2,400 people saying yes, 46% no.

Sue Slator said: “Re-do this question in 12 months when Tories have made changes and see if result is the same.”

David Arthur Williams doesn’t like the voting system, saying: “First past the post should be thrown into to the rubbish bin of history.”

Simon Cooper said: “Many turned their back on everyone that needs help in society and on serious issues that need addressing. They voted for Brexit - there was nothing else in the manifesto. You now have to hold Johnson to account.”

James Ratcliffe said: “Wanted Brexit and didn't want to vote Conservative. I vote Labour, but I'm not voting for Corbyn. Our politicians are pathetic.”

Peter Morton said: “I bet a lot of the people complaining are those who didn’t bother to vote, but have expert advice about politics.”

Alan Knighting said: “The truth of the matter is that the Labour Party has suffered a catastrophic defeat and is at its lowest point since 1935. No matter how you try to juggle with figures and percentages the truth is there for all to see.”