Majority of Gazette readers want more money to be spent on flood defences

Some Gazette readers think that flooding issues need to be tackled at the source, including climate change and not building on flood plains.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 8:06 am
Updated Monday, 18th November 2019, 2:26 pm
Flood barriers in Rothbury.

Around this time of year, Tyne and Wear receives regular flood warnings from GOV.UK – this is usually due to heavy rain fall which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes and businesses.

We asked in our recent online poll: “Does more money need to be spent on flood defences?”

More than 800 Gazette readers took part and 85% agreed that more money should be spent on flood defences while, 15% disagreed.

John Dumpleton said: “Yes, however we need to stop the new builds on flood plains and lands adjoining rivers and drainage relief areas.”

Sarah Butler said: “Rivers need to be dredged and flood plains not built I would be a good start!”

Peter Roper said: “Yes, they spent a lot on the Thames flood barriers and give the northerners sand bags.”

Richard Abbott-Brailey said: “We need to stop building on flood plains and address climate issues and global warming.”

James Clare said: “Yes, but it's not just that. Waterways need to be maintained and managed, ditches cleared, drains kept free flowing and we need to keep planting more trees. It's lots of things.”

Jamie Ross said: “Stop removing natural defences like hedgerows, stop building on flood plains and plant more trees which are the best defence.”

Simon Shaw said: “Spend it on dredging and water maintenance!

“Stop building on flood plains.”